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When divorce or a related divisive family law issue becomes part of your life, you could benefit from the care and compassion of a licensed legal professional whose solutions have worked for many others in Southern California.

California Family Law Attorney Daniel S. Frank: Experience, Compassion, Results

The caring, compassionate lawyer you should speak with is Daniel S. Frank, of The Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank in Torrance.

For 20 years, Mr. Frank has achieved lasting results for individuals and families across Southern California, helping to reach amicable settlements and protecting children from the negative effects of divorce.

Daniel S. Frank‘s family law solutions have brought people together. He can help you too.

Your journey to the peace of mind you need begins with your free initial consultation in a warm, welcoming law office environment. Contact Daniel S. Frank today by local or toll-free phone call, e-mail or fax. Evening appointments are available by request.

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Seeking Lasting Solutions to Your Problems for 20 Years in Los Angeles County

Daniel S. Frank brings healthful creativity, humanity and hard work to a wide variety of family law practice areas. He listens carefully, responds thoughtfully and acts decisively in your best interests — and those of your child.

Attorney Frank handles your legal separation, divorce or dissolution with poise and professionalism. His mediation techniques serve to locate common ground in disputes over child and spousal support, custody and visitation matters, and marital property distribution.

His goal is always a collaborative, amicable settlement. However, if litigation in a courtroom becomes a necessity, he will not hesitate to aggressively protect your rights before a judge.

Daniel S. Frank‘s legal leadership doesn’t end when your divorce is final. He is available to handle any post-judgment modifications and enforcements that result from changing lifestyle circumstances; “move-away” issues when a parent must relocate due to business transfer or military service; and the need for restraining orders if domestic violence, or allegations of it, erupt.

Do you have a family law problem? We provide family law solutions at the Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank.

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