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Restraining Order In Torrance? Contact Our Skilled Lawyer

Has an outbreak of domestic violence caused you to consider filing for a restraining order?

Have you been falsely accused of spousal abuse or child abuse, but don’t know who to approach for help in clearing your name?

In Torrance and Los Angeles County, the lawyer who works hard to bring order to the chaos in your life is Daniel S. Frank.

At The Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank, our founder’s comprehensive command of family law, domestic violence statutes, orders for protection and keen client commitment have achieved lasting results for clients in Southern California for 20 years.

Daniel S. Frank listens to your confidential account of your domestic dilemma. He crafts strategies that promote your safety and that of your child. He consults with social service agencies, mental health professionals and investigators to get to the reasons behind domestic violence, or allegations of it.

We are your home for family law solutions, regardless of the challenge facing you. Contact us to arrange a free consultation at this toll-free phone number: 877-351-6858. You can also find us by e-mail or fax. Messages you leave for us after business hours will be attended to promptly.

When Domestic Violence Impacts Your Family, Our Southern California Lawyer Can Help

You should speak with Daniel S. Frank right away if you are facing genuine threats, or false allegations, of forms of domestic violence that include:

  • Physical abuse of a spouse, former spouse or child
  • Verbal abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Intimidation
  • Terrorist threats
  • Stalking
  • Financial abuse
  • Social abuse

A domestic violence conviction can impair your freedom, future and personal reputation. If an emergency, criminal or civil harassment protective order has been taken out against you, you should contact our law firm in Torrance immediately.

For your family’s safety and security — for the brighter future you seek, free of baseless charges of abuse — come to the home of family law solutions in Los Angeles County. Come to the Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank.

20 Years of Experience With Complex Family Law Issues

Torrance restraining orders attorney Daniel S. Frank is here to help in any way he can. Your free initial consultation is as close as your phone, toll free: 877-351-6858. Evening appointments and Spanish translation assistance are available.