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A finalized California divorce is never truly final — not as long as people continue to lose jobs, are transferred out of state by the military or become seriously injured or ill, requiring expensive, specialized medical care.

For these rude interruptions of your life, the family law remedy of a post-judgment modification exists. This revision of obligations in your divorce decree reflects a dramatic change of circumstance. Conversely, an enforcement of a spousal support or child custody responsibility can be handed down by a court, if that responsibility has been consistently overlooked.

Torrance Judgment Enforcement Attorney: Protecting Your Rights When Circumstances Change

At The Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank in Torrance, our law firm’s respected founder has 20 years of experience with representing modification and enforcement goals of people like you — and families like yours. We pride ourselves on our proven ability to emerge from mediation, negotiation and litigation with workable family law solutions that brighten your future.

As your lawyer, Daniel S. Frank listens to you, learns from you and puts what he learns into decisive action on your behalf. When a modification or enforcement affects your child, he advocates in his or her best interest every step of the way.

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Sound Legal Counsel for Divorce Modifications to Support, Custody Issues

Features of your divorce settlement that can be modified, owing to sudden lifestyle changes, or enforced when obligations go unfulfilled, include:

Child support — when you feel you are paying too much, given a job demotion or dismissal, or believe you are receiving too little

Spousal support — when the supporting former spouse is dealing with a personal injury, illness or crippling disability and no longer has the capacity to pay, or when termination of alimony is requested

Child custody — complicated by a child moved away, out of state, by a parent transferred on business or due to a parent’s remarriage

Child visitation — availability issues caused by fluid work schedules, fluctuating overtime or business travel

Whatever the modification or enforcement challenge facing you, our client-focused lawyer has shown time and time again that he can confront and resolve it successfully. For problems that demand the input of an experienced legal professional, come to the home of family law solutions — The Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank.

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