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Torrance Lawyer: Parental Relocation Issues

Are you planning to take your child away from California due to remarriage, a business transfer or military service?

Are you suspicious of a former spouse’s goal of moving your child farther away from you?

In Torrance, Los Angeles County and across Southern California, the experienced family law attorney you should speak with about requesting or contesting a move-away is Daniel S. Frank in Torrance.

Move-Aways Lawyer In Torrance Protects Your Rights — and Your Child’s Best Interests

Our law offices are full time, full service and multipurpose in the practice of family law. Daniel S. Frank has 20 years of experience with providing family law solutions for problematic legal issues like parental relocation — as it effects child custody, child support and the situational need for post-judgment modifications when a parent must move out of state.

Despite efforts at parental relocation and move-aways, legitimate or not, Daniel S. Frank‘s law firm keeps families together. We employ cost-effective, high-tech methods of ensuring that both parents maintain prominent roles in a child’s life. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Call toll free: 877-351-6858. We respond promptly to e-mails, faxes and messages left after business hours. If you need an evening appointment, we can accommodate you.

Parental Relocation Child Custody Dispute? Experienced Family Law Attorney Daniel S. Frank Can Help

Requests to petition the court for a move-way are typically caused by:

  • Remarriage
  • Job transfer
  • Job seeking in another state
  • Military transfer
  • Injury or illness requiring specialized health care available only in another state

Daniel S. Frank‘s legal leadership is defined by a deep belief in, and commitment to, the best interests of your child. He wants to minimize the negative impact of divorce on the most vulnerable among us. You can help us to help you, and chart a positive future for your family in the process, by contacting the Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank — your home for family law solutions in Southern California.

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We serve family law clients in Torrance, Los Angeles and suburbs, Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California.