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Frequent and continuing involvement is necessary in order to maintain a child’s relationship with both of his or her parents, which is almost always considered to be in the best interest of the child.

Unfortunately, a child may express feelings of hatred or dislike of one of his or her parents, making it nearly impossible for that parent to maintain an ongoing relationship, a phenomenon referred to as parental alienation.

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Because child custody and visitation can be such hot-button issues, it is especially important that each parent promotes a strong, healthy and consistent relationship with his or her child’s other parent.

It is illegal, not to mention unfair to a child, for one of his or her parents to engage in attempts to alienate him or her from the other parent. Such behavior may include negative comments about the other parent or the purposeful creation of situations that put the other parent in a bad light.

Daniel S. Frank promotes consistent parental availability of both parents to their children. We will use our knowledge of family law statutes and commitment to our clients to protect your rights to have a relationship with your child.

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