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The personal and shared possessions you accumulated during your marriage are precious to you. The decision to divorce can present special problems when the time comes to allocate those possessions equitably between the parties.

Protect Your Investment in Your Marriage

In Torrance, Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California, you can depend on The Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank to provide workable family law solutions results you can live with.

When Daniel S. Frank thoughtfully mediates or aggressively litigates for your marital property distribution goals, he brings 20 years of experience to your side. He is responsive to your wishes and gives realistic assessments of your chances of success. He consults with experts in accounting, forensic accounting, business valuation and real estate to deliver detailed recommendations.

Throughout the legal process, whether you are divorcing or seeking a legal separation, you can be assured that your property distribution rights will be protected.

Act now to preserve your investment in your marriage. Contact attorney Daniel S. Frank for the quality representation you need and the attentive personal service you deserve.

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Working Hard to Make Your “Equitable Distribution” as Equitable as Possible

In a community property state like California, components of the property distribution settlement you are seeking in your marriage dissolution can include:

  • Real estate — primary and secondary residences, vacation homes and rental property
  • Motor vehicles
  • Deferred income
  • Stocks, stock options and bonds
  • Memberships, family heirlooms and art collections
  • Business assets
  • Inheritance and gifts
  • 401(k) and retirement income
  • Taxes and debts

Daniel S. Frank investigates the possibility of hidden assets in particular, and educates you to the workings of the family law justice system in general. He makes sure you are aware of every available option, through every twist and turn in your case. He arms you with the facts you need to make sound decisions for yourself and your children.

For honest, accurate answers to your property distribution questions and the strategies to back them up, come to your home for family law solutions — the law offices of Daniel S. Frank.

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