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Legal Separation? Contact Our Torrance Lawyer

Are you and your husband or wife seeking a legal separation rather than dissolve your marriage?

Is your decision based on economic factors, religious beliefs or the need to continue health and medical insurance coverage?

Skilled Legal Separation Lawyer With 20 Years Experience

At The Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank in Torrance, we provide family law solutions to the life-changing problems you face. Our law firm’s founder has 20 years of experience with virtually all aspects of family law, including legal separation as a client’s priority.

We listen to you. We hear your views. We feel your pain. We share your goals. Daniel S. Frank works hard to make your objective of legal separation a reality — with detailed documentation, forward-looking strategies and a belief that you will make sound decisions when armed with the facts.

You may have a pre-existing condition that compels you to remain legally married for insurance purposes. Foundations of your religion may run counter to the convenience of divorce. Due to our state and national economic downturn, you may be unable to afford to pursue a marital dissolution.

Whatever your rationale for a legal separation agreement, Daniel S. Frank can help.

Contact us from wherever you are in Los Angeles County or Southern California, toll free: 877-351-6858. We are also glad to answer your e-mails, faxes and after-hours messages.

Lasting Family Law Solutions From Carson Divorce Lawyer Daniel S. Frank

Legal separation is a suitable family law strategy for those who:

  • Are seeking a documented basis for a divorce they are contemplating
  • Have not lived in California for at least six months, or have not been in the U.S. for three months and, therefore, experience difficulty with residency requirements
  • Object to divorce on religious grounds
  • Suffer from pre-existing medical conditions and need to continue health insurance coverage that has been active during the marriage
  • Want to avoid the rancor, tensions and negative impact on children that divorce can cause
  • Cannot afford expenses related to divorce — from attorneys fees and court costs to alimony obligations and the risk of a negative outcome in marital property distribution discussions

Legal separation is a perfectly legitimate, understandable alternative for those who prefer not to pursue an uncontested, contested or high net worth divorce. Contact us to find out how we strive for the results you need.

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Torrance legal separation attorney Daniel S. Frank has solutions to your problems when divorce is no longer an option. Arrange your free consultation, toll free. Call 877-351-6858. If you need an evening appointment or Spanish language translation, we can provide it.