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In today’s difficult financial times, for California and the nation, money worries can wreck a marriage, derail a divorce and interfere with the financial support that parents and children need.

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At The Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank, we work toward spousal support resolutions that meet applicable law and consider the circumstances and the detailed financial needs of each spouse.

Contact us in Torrance to speak with our law firm’s founder, skilled Torrance spousal support lawyer Daniel S. Frank. His 20 years of service to Los Angeles County families has achieved results, rebuilt lives and kept families together, despite the decision to divorce.

Our toll-free phone number is 877-351-6858. It will connect you with us from wherever you are in Southern California. We also welcome your e-mail, fax and after-hours messages.

Look to us for personal service features such as free initial consultations, maximum availability, flexible payment plans and convenient Spanish language access. El abogado habla español.

When Spousal Support Is an Issue, Daniel S. Frank Can Help

Our lawyer’s leadership is a combination of his solid guidance, your ability to pay or receive child or spousal support, state guidelines on support and attention to modifications that may be necessary when lifestyle changes occur. Payers and recipients of spousal support (alimony) have been hit hard by our state and national recession.

Daniel S. Frank customizes his representation to suit your unique situation, and uses sophisticated support calculation software, including DissoMaster, to determine appropriate levels of support.

When support obligations in a divorce decree go unfulfilled on a regular basis, and efforts toward an amicable settlement are not productive, we can seek a contempt order for enforcement of that responsibility. You should have complete peace of mind that your rights are being protected from start to finish of the legal process.

Daniel S. Frank supplies you with information you need for sound decisions. He is never far from your next question or concern, and always answers questions honestly and directly. You can depend on our law firm to treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. We listen carefully to you and put what we learn into action that advances your goals.

We want you to feel comfortable coming to us with your problems because we are the home of family law solutions The Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank.

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