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Child custody and visitation disagreements between a divorcing couple can be every bit the hot-button, red-flag issues that money concerns or a contested move-away can be.

At The Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank, we use a blend of your wishes and goals, our knowledge of complex family law statutes and keen client commitment to get results. Our loyalty to you, our hopes for your future, make our law firm your home for family law solutions, regardless of the challenge facing you.

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Daniel S. Frank listens to you, promotes consistent parental availability to a child and excels at negotiating the amicable settlement you are looking for. In custody and visitation matters, his goal is “frequent and continuing involvement”: Helping to maintain both parents’ roles in the life of a child. He thoughtfully advises on behalf of “the best interests of the child,” in the truest sense of that family law term.

The help you so sorely need could be within easy reach of your phone at this very moment. Simply call 877-351-6858 and arrange your free consultation with our caring, compassionate Torrance lawyer. Our quality legal services come with reasonable, flexible payment plans and Spanish language translation assistance whenever you need it.

The law offices of Daniel S. Frank serve clients in greater Los Angeles and suburbs, in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California.

Torrance Child Custody Attorney With 20 Years of Experience

You should contact our skilled lawyer when child custody and visitation issues impact you in these ways:

  • Modifications of time-share considerations when lifestyle changes occur: loss of a job, serious health problems or the need for a parental relocation
  • Enforcements of custody and visitation obligations if those in your divorce decree are not being met
  • Keeping a family together with the use of high technology (phones, cameras, e-mail, Skype) when a parent is transferred out of state
  • Legal matters regarding unmarried paternity, determining parentage through DNA results for purposes of custody, visitation and child support, and establishing parental rights
  • Observing a grandparent’s right to custody and visitation if parental responsibilities are being ignored
  • Restraining orders to protect a parent or child when domestic violence surfaces, developments that could affect changes in custody considerations

When nagging disagreements over child custody and visitation delay your divorce or tempt you to lash out at each other in ways that could harm your child, contact us. Your family law problem is our opportunity to provide family law solutions at The Law Offices of Daniel S. Frank.

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